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The Bible Story podcast promotes a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Bradon and Jon retell Bible stories to teach and encourage young people to grow closer to Jesus. A story is published along with a discussion guide every Monday.

Bradon Pihowich
Bradon Pihowhich

I advocate for adventure and believe my walk with Jesus is the most incredible adventure I have ever embarked on. This adventure began when I chose Jesus early in my adulthood; since then, I have never looked back. I enjoy camping, coffee, and creativity.

Program Director
Covenant Bay Bible Camp

Jon Drebert
Jon Drebert

When I was very young, I decided to follow Jesus while my mom made cookies and I ate cookie dough. God has blessed me with an incredible family; my wife and I have three amazing kids. Outdoor activities, music, sports, and learning are some of my favourite things to do.

Executive Director
Covenant Bay Bible Camp


The Bible Story Podcast is a ministry of Covenant Bay Bible Camp, a summer camp located on Pigeon Lake, AB. We want to help parents disciple their children. With desire driving us, the Bible Story Podcast was launched for families to listen to as they go to and from their weekly destinations.

We are so grateful that listeners worldwide are using this podcast to grow closer to Christ! If you would like to support this work, you can donate at here.