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Jonah Part 3


Jonah stands up on shore after a massive sea creature spat him out. Jonah now has a choice. Will he follow God or continue to run away! God’s love is so much greater than sin! It doesn’t matter how badly we have messed up; God wants us.

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Jonah Part 2


Would you rather drown or be eaten by huge fish? Listen to Jon tell the second of a four-part series of Jonah.

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Jonah Part 1


The story of Jonah is one of the most retold stories in the bible. Yet there are often some important details left out! Today we learn that you can never outrun God and it is best just to follow God the first time!

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The Vine


Jon Drebert tells the story of Jesus describing himself as grapevine. Yep - a grapevine. Probably not what most you think of when you hear the name, Jesus. He also tells his followers one of the most remarkable things ever recorded in scripture and it...

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Holy Spirit Promised


The promise of the Holy Spirit is so significant. It changes everything in life! Listen to Jon Drebert tell the story of the promise of the Holy Spirit and when the Holy Spirit came.

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Peter Forgiven and Restored


Jon tells the story of Peter going fishing and Jesus meeting him on the shore. In this story, Peter is forgiven and restored. We can all be forgiven and restored no matter what our past may be.

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