Discussion | God, Why All This Misery?

Bible Story Podcast
Discussion | God, Why All This Misery?

Welcome to the discussion episode for the story, “God, why all this Misery?” Moses had a hard conversation with God and we can too!

Bible Story Podcast
Discussion | God, Why All This Misery?

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Welcome to the discussion episode for the story, “God, why all this Misery?”

Moses leaves his Father-in-law, Jethro, packs up his family and takes them back to Israel. Aaron, Moses’ brother, shares Moses’ story of God and the burning bush. Moses performs miraculous signs and convinces Israel’s leaders of the desire that God has to rescue and free the Israelite people. Aaron and Moses ask Pharaoh to let the Israelites go into the wilderness to worship God. Pharoah gets angry and demands the Israelite slaves to continue making all the bricks for building, and in the same numbers, even though he is no longer providing them with straw, a key ingredient. This was an impossible task and caused the Israelite foremen to be whipped and beaten for missing the quota. Moses confronts God and asks him why he has done nothing to rescue the people. Things seemed so promising,  and eventually, Moses and the people are worse off than before!

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God, Why All This Misery?


  1. Tell each other an experience when you thought something would go well, but it went poorly. It could be funny or serious. 
  2. Moses went to God with his frustration and anger. He was upset that God had done nothing. What can we learn from Moses’ response to God?
  3. People are in crisis when God seems to be missing in action, It is hard to make sense of everything going on! Describe a time you struggled to make sense of God’s inaction to the misery in the world. 

Growth Tip

Write God a letter pointing out all the things that are wrong about the situation.

Tell him exactly how you feel. If there are tears in your eyes, tell him what is causing them and how intense your feelings are. 

After you write a letter, read it aloud to God. Then sit in that space silent and sensitive to God’s promptings. Wait for him to speak to you. He brings a thought, a memory, scripture, a lyric from a song. He may bring

God works on the hearts of people, including yours. Don’t underestimate his ability and desire to act! You can ask God tough questions like God, why all this misery?

Prayer Requests

At the end of your discussion, go around the group and ask for prayer requests.

By Jon Drebert

A little about me: I decided to follow Jesus at a very early age while my mom made cookies and I ate cookie dough. I have an awesome family. My wife and I have three amazing kids. I serve as the Executive Director of Covenant Bay Bible Camp at Pigeon Lake, AB. Outdoor activities, music, sports, and learning are some of my favourite things to do.

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