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Discussion | Jesus Took Our Place

Discussion | Jesus Bore the Sins of Many

Jon: You are listening to the discussion episode for the Story Jesus bore the sins for many. 

Bradon: We heard the story of Jesus going from the last Passover meal where he again predicted his death than to praying at the mount of olives, was betrayed by Judas and arrested by the Romans. He had an unfair trial before the Jewish religious leaders and was sentenced to death under Pontius Pilot’s judgment. Ultimately, they killed Jesus, crucifying him on a cross. Although the disciples were ready to fight the injustice of Jesus’ sentencing, Jesus stopped any fight and accepted it even though he had done nothing to deserve death.

Story Episode

Luke 23-24


Jesus Bore the Sins of Many


  1. This story makes the reader or listener feel a lot of emotions. What were some of your feelings as you listened to the story? 
  2. In a world where everyone is fighting for their rights, ‘Instead, (Jesus) gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being. When he appeared in human form, he humbled himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross.’ That was Philippians 2:7-8. Here is my question for you. Jesus never fought for his rights; instead, he worked to give a new life to others through grace. How can you join in helping others discover this new life?
  3. Last week, we learned that Jesus was like a sacrificial lamb and took our place and the penalty for sin. We think everyone should acknowledge the price Jesus paid for our sins and commit their lives to him. Talk with your group about what it means to be forgiven and a follower of Christ. 

Growth Tip

Jon: Bradon, with Easter coming up around the corner in which we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. I think it would be appropriate for us to sit in this story. 

Bradon: Totally, the four books categorized as the gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each of them recorded this story. I think we should read all four accounts of this story or at least a couple of them. 

Jon: Matthew chapters 26 and 27, Mark 14 and 15, Luke chapters 22 and 23, and John 18 and 19 are where you can find this story in each book. 

Bradon: Sit and as you read the story, let God work in your heart. Keep your heart soft toward him. 

Prayer Requests

At the end of your discussion, go around the group and ask for prayer requests.

By Jon Drebert

A little about me: I decided to follow Jesus at a very early age while my mom made cookies and I ate cookie dough. I have an awesome family. My wife and I have three amazing kids. I serve as the Executive Director of Covenant Bay Bible Camp at Pigeon Lake, AB. Outdoor activities, music, sports, and learning are some of my favourite things to do.

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