Thank God for Healing

Thank God for Healing

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Thank God for Healing

Key Point

In today’s story, we are going to see how important it is to thank God for healing

About the Story

There is not a whole lot of background needed. Jesus and his disciples have been touring around Isreal. Jesus has become incredibly popular because of his teaching and the miracles he has performed. He has healed lots of people, commanded storms to calm and cast out demons. He is doing things that are beyond human ability, and so Jesus has become increasingly popular. People are following him to be healed and to learn from him!

Thank God for healing. It doesn’t matter if it is natural healing from a small cut or something miraculous. Thank God for healing.


We need to go to God and thank him for his healing in our lives. I don’t think it needs to be miraculous for us to thank God for healing. 

When I get a cut on my hand, my body can heal itself. That is by design, God’s design, and so it is still his healing!  

The other day, I was agitated. Someone had done something to me that hurt me. I was mad and sad all at that same time. When I got to work, I read Colossians 3:13 during my quiet time with God. It said, “Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you.” Well, I sunk low in my chair. I knew I was not being gracious or extending forgiveness. After my quiet time with God, I went to him, and we made things right between us. This person and I found healing in our relationship. My emotional and mental state improved significantly. God heals my emotional and mental state and my relationships too. 

We ought to be thanking God for all the healing that he so generously puts into our lives regardless if it could be described as miraculous or as part of the natural healing process. He is our creator and healer, and we can thank him for his generous healing.

Discussion | Thank God for Healing

Discussion | Thank God for Healing

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Discussion Episode | Thank God for Healing

In today’s story, we read about ten lepers who cried out to Jesus. They wanted Jesus to heal them. So Jesus looked at them and told them to show themselves to the priests. On the way, God healed the lepers. Only one of the ten came back to thank Jesus.


Thank God for healing.


  1. What is something you want healing from? It could be physical, relational or mental and emotional. What is something you want healing from?
  2. If God told you to do something bizarre like show your cut to your mom and you will be healed before you get there, would you wrestle with doubt? Talk about why we sometimes wrestle with doubt!
  3. We have all experienced healing. You may not consider your healing as miraculous. God is no less involved in a minor cut than he is with a paralyzed woman instantly being able to walk. Why do we think God is only involved in the miraculous healings?

Growth Tip

I think there is an element of faith in our healing today regardless if it is miraculous or not! If a doctor gave you a prescription you either believe the doctor instructions will get you better or you don’t. You either follow the instructions or you don’t. 

Trust God’s instructions for healing!

Prayer Requests

At the end of your discussion, go around the group and ask for prayer requests.