Follow Jesus with Courage

Follow Jesus with Courage

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If you follow Jesus with courage, it can be scary. I know that sentence sounds a bit funny, but it’s true—the more courage we often need, the more terrifying the situation. We often find our security in the provision vs the provider. When we do this, it makes following Jesus pretty scary and hard!

Listen to the drastic decision the first disciples made to follow Jesus with courage. They left everything, including a lot of fish, which for them would have been as good as money since they were professional fishermen. To say this would have been scary would be an understatement – it was terrifying!

There is nothing more important than following Jesus. At times it will probably be scary, but you can do it with courage. Be sure to listen to the discussion questions, and be sure to download the discussion guide! There you will hear me talk about finding our courage in our provider, not in his provision.

Luke 5

Discussion Guide

Lesson | Follow Jesus with Courage

There is nothing more important than following Jesus.


  1. Name one person in your life that you admire for the way they follow Jesus. What is something you can learn from their example?
  2. Sometimes to leave behind things in our lives to follow Jesus is scary. Talk about some of the fears you have in leaving everything to follow Jesus as Peter did.
  3. Talk with each other about valuing our provider, God, more than his provision.

Prayer Requests

At the end of your discussion, go around the group and ask for prayer requests.

Tips and Tricks for leading a discussion

Ask additional questions to help expand people’s thoughts. 

Let people think in silence. Wait for them to respond. 

Repeat the last three words of someone’s statement turning it into a question. 

Growth Tip

Who are people in your life that you look up to? People that are great at following Jesus. People that are an example of how to follow Jesus!

You can pray to begin your relationship with Jesus!

Jesus, I need you. Forgive my sinful mistakes. I am giving you control of my life. Thank you for your love! Amen