Even the Best is Tempted

Bible Story Podcast
Even the Best is Tempted

Even the Best is Tempted

Did you know that even the best is tempted? The best of us was tempted just like you and I. We are going to look at a story about this today, and I think you will find that there are some exciting things to learn about today!

You know, when I am tempted, there are a few things that are often present within me. Usually, I am sad or angry, and I’m typically pretty tired. As you listen to this story, think about some of the things that the main character is feeling. 

Now it’s important to note that temptation and sin are not the same things. Temptation, is the consideration of acting out our sinful desires. For example, two brothers are fighting, and the one thinks to himself, I would sure like to punch him but resists that desire to punch. The other brother has the same thought I would sure like to punch him but then does punch his brother. Both brothers were tempted to punch, but only one hit or punched his brother. Now, this is an essential concept for us to remember so that we can fully understand this story. If a person does not act on the temptation, then they have not sinned. 

Last week we heard about Jesus’ baptism. He went up to the Jordan River, found his cousin John and then was baptized. As Jesus came up out of the water, the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus like a dove, and a voice from heaven said this is my son whom I love, and I take great joy in him!

There are two characters in today’s story, Jesus and the Devil. As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went out into the wilderness, and this is where we pick up today’s story!

Discussion Guide | Even the best is Tempted

Discussion Guide | Even the Best is Tempted

Bible Story Podcast
Discussion Guide | Even the Best is Tempted

Discussion Guide | Even the Best is Tempted

You know there are a lot of situations where we find ourselves tempted. I am going to list a few of these circumstances and I’d like you as a group to come up with a plan. Talk about how you should respond to each, how to avoid these situations if possible, and if there are any scripture verses that might help you to respond well.

Matthew 4:1-11

Story Episode


Even the best, Jesus, was tempted.


  • You find yourself at school or work when your friends are talking poorly about others behind their backs.
  • You find yourself on your phone or device when an image or video comes up that you know is not good.
  • You are asked to complete a task immediately by your boss, teacher, or parent but you feel really tired and want to do it later.
  • Think of a situation that you would like help with when you are tempted. Describe the situation and then answer the following.


  1. How should you respond? 
  2. Is there a way to avoid this situation in the future? 
  3. What scripture can you respond with?

Growth Tip

To respond with scripture, we need to know the scriptures. Memorizing Bible verses is a great practice. I won’t lie memorizing is hard work, but the payoff is huge, and it will serve you very well for the rest of your life! So Memorize scripture as a defence in the temptations that will come your way!

Prayer Requests

At the end of your discussion, go around the group and ask for prayer requests.